The Night Ride!

Friday July 13 - Sunday July 15, 2018

Come for one, two, or all three days -- your choice!

No Fundraising


Howdy boys and girls, Glen here, your tour director and humble servant since 1997.  

Just once a year we get together in the country to paddle down the river, see the stars at night, do some amazing cycling, and hang out.

Come for one, two, or all three days -- your choice.  

Want to ride every day? Great!

Only want to cycle some days? Sure!

Prefer to hang out and not pedal at all? OK!

There’s a beautiful campground on the river that will be our HQ for the event. There are affordable hotels and Airbnbs nearby. Have camping gear? Great. Need camping gear? We can provide.

Transportation for your bike and you available from NYC, or get here on your own.

After Hawk's Nest it's on to Old Mine Road.  Watch out for wild turkeys!  (Harmless and slow!)


• Optional transportation available for your bike and you from NYC.

• If you stayed in the campground Friday night we'll have light breakfast in the campground (bagels, coffee, fruit, etc.)  Full breakfast on your own avaiable nearby.


Your Choice:

• Paddle down the Delaware by kayak, canoe, or raft. Several distances available. 


• Come pedaling with us.  We'll start at Bethel Woods -- site of the original Woodstock rock festival. From there it's off along the backrouds to a bakery, two brewerys, and a gin distillery.  (Hey, the point is not to drink heavily -- these are just nice places to catch some shade, use the bathroom, refill water bottels, and, yes, have a drink if you wish.)

We'll end at that second brewery in Rosco, NY for lunch.  We'll be driving your bike and you back to the campground from here.

(SO... if you want to buy a draft beer growler or a bottle of gin, we can drive it back for you so you don't have to carry it on your bike).

Total distance: about 26 miles.  This route DOES have a hill or two, but we will be there to give you a lift if you wish up to the top. (Sneaky, eh?)


• Optional transportation available for your bike and you from NYC.



Your Choice:

Depart from the campground for our Friday bike ride:

• Bethel Woods (site of the original Woodstock rock festival)

• Local distillery

• Our local roadside ice cream stand

About 25 miles total.


If you prefer you can skip the bike ride and go paddling down the Delaware by canoe, kayak, or raft.  Several distances available. Just check in at the campground office and tell them that you are with BICYCLE SHOWS U.S.

6:00 p.m.

Dinner and drinks in the campground.  Classic cookout food -- burgers, sausages, veggie burgers...

9:00 p.m.

We depart the campgrond for The Night Ride! It's about 17 miles, and 99 percent downhill. Amazing in every wa.


Post-ride campfire with marshmallows, s'mores..

(Saturday July 14 -- continued)

• Snacks and drinks in the campground.

• REAL barebecue in the campground provided by our friends at Big Kev's. Great food for meat eaters and vegetarians.

• Campfire


• Breakfast at the local diner.

• Pedal through Hawk's Nest. This is an amazing ride that is pretty much impossible to do without some friendly support. (That's where we come in!)

We'll cross the old wooden toll bridge (no fee for cyclists!) before ending with a casual lunch at Dingman's Falls.

From there it's back to the campground to get our gear and then head on home!

For those who are camping out along the river, this is thew we’ll be staying (above).  There are indoor toilets and hot showers available.  If you prefer there are several choices for local lodging.